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Verbasan    Verbasan    Jazyl    RubberMonkey
Check out this awesome concept of Evan by Verbasan   Verbasan's Yeti looks tough, but his version of Coal can take him!   Evan, Coal, and Hank. Drawn in Jazyl Homavazir's signature manga style.   Delicious fan art by Rubber Monkey.
Graham Klein    Coal is on the loose!    Evan Yeti vs Tim the Gerbil     
Evan in his jammies! By Graham Klein   Lucas Klein's Coal is on the loose!   Brody's Evan Yeti VS Tim the Gerbil    

Around the web - Drawings made by others for ads, nominations etc.
Villian Land Villian Land Villian Land
Roy Duncan went above and beyond for this ad for his podcast. The 2011 nomination for best all ages comic. By the artist,
Call Me Tom
The 2011 nomination for best anthropomorphic comic. By the artist, JedinAnSolo

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